Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nephi's vision - 2,500 years of world history

First Nephi 11-14

Nephi's vision is mostly chronological, with events taking place on two continents until the events start overlapping. But this vision is not only the highlights of western history, it is also written as a perspective for our guidance today. It comes right up to our present time, perhaps a small way into the future. Within this framework, Nephi was given the meaning of the symbols of Lehi's dream. He then states that he cannot write more, but John the Apostle will (the Book of Revelation). Here's a rough outline:

Chapter 11: The Life of Christ (1BC - 33AD, Holy Land)
Chapter 12: The generations of Lehi's seed (~500BC - ~500AD, Americas)
Chapter 13:1-33 The Nations of the Gentiles (~100AD - 1830AD, Europe, America)
Chapter 13:34-14:4 The Restoration of the Gospel (1830AD - Present, World)
Chapter 14:5-17 The Covenants of the Father unto the House of Israel

 Nephi's writing ends on the day of the commencement of the work of the Father in preparing of the way for the fulfilling of His covenants unto the House of Israel (v.17). That day is a day of wars and rumors of war.  Nephi saw many more things which John also saw and wrote, and is forbidden to continue writing.  But this impressive vision was only a "small part" of what he saw.

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