Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Ask me in Faith

First Nephi 15:1-11

Nephi returned from his vision to find his brethren disputing about the things Lehi had said.
The dialog between Laman and Lemuel and Nephi here can teach us lessons about ourselves as well.  They said "We cannot understand" to which Nephi could have done one of two things, he could continue their disputations by offering his own opinion, or he could show deference to the One who could help them all understand.  "Have ye inquired of the Lord?" was his response.  What a novel idea it must have been to them, to actually see the Lord as the source of knowledge, and as an entity that could join their conversation and end their disputes.  But isn't it also the most natural reaction?  When we are confused, who do we ask?  Why not ask God - about anything?  Shouldn't He know?  If anybody knows, it's Him, right?  Of course.  Yet it requires faith, and diligence.  Ask as though you will get and answer - "believing you will receive"

Nephi says these words came from the Lord - perhaps Lehi relayed them to his sons during their discussion on his vision of the tree of life.  Laman and Lemuel should have known them already.  It is apparent that Nephi knew these words, and was probably thinking about them when he desired to receive the same revelation as his father.  

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