Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Exodus of Lehi and Ishmael: Places and directions

The path Lehi's group travels is well documented by Nephi.  As they journey, they give unique names to places the camp.  Here is a summary of the names, directions, and events that decorate their journey to the promised land.

       Events: Lehi dwells all his days, departs
Traveled 3 days in wilderness near the borders by the Red Sea
The Valley of Lemuel and River of Laman
       Events: Retrieve brass plates, Zoram, and Ishmael's family, vision of tree of life, marriage, Liahona
Travel 4 days in a south-southeast direction
Traveled many days in the more fertile parts of the wilderness
Unnamed location
        Events: Nephi's Broken bow
Traveled many days nearly the same course as in the beginning
        Events: Ishmael is burried, voice of the Lord
Traveled nearly eastward from that time forth
Bountiful - they called the sea Irreantum
        Events: Nephi builds a ship

Nephi says the journey took 8 years.
One interesting note is Nahom.  It almost sounds as though Ishmael dies in an unnamed location and is carried to Nahom for burial.  Nephi says Ishmael was burried "in the place which was called Nahom".  Which suggests that it's name already existed before they arrived there.  Click here for archeological info on Nahom

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