Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Nephi 1 Echos the Message of the Restoration

First Nephi chapter 1 is designed to reinforce to first time readers the vision of Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and the Restoration, things the missionaries teach in their first lesson.
- Nephi testifies that his record is true
- Lehi hears the message of prophets and decides to pray about it
- Lehi saw a vision in response to his sincere prayer
- Lehi saw God the Father and Jesus Christ
- Lehi was given a book to read which filled him with the Spirit
- Lehi testifies specifically of Jesus Christ's mission

Putting Lehi in perspective

We know from the first few pages of the Book of Mormon that Lehi:
- Was a "goodly" father
- Was married to a "goodly"woman
- Had 4 sons and 2 or more daughters
- His "language" was Egyptian and his learning was Jewish
- Dwelt at Jerusalem all his days
- Had gold, silver, and precious things
- Believed the prophets who testified of the destruction of Jerusalem
- Prayed with all his heart on behalf of his people
- Saw a pillar of fire
- Saw and conversed with the pre-mortal Jesus Christ
- Had many visions and dreams
- Prophesied without fear of his own life
- Left his home and possessions
- Was obedient to the commandments of God