Sunday, May 6, 2012

The immediate future - fighting against the Lamb of God

First Nephi 14 part 2


Just as specific events such as Columbus, the revolutionary war, and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon are described previously in Nephi's vision, there is no reason for us not to take the above verse literally.  It is describing something that, once we are either going through it or have gone through it, we will recognize as easily and plainly as the other historical events Nephi described.

Imagining mobs of people, upon all the face of the earth, among all nations is not difficult.  Earlier in Nephi's vision he described the multitudes of the earth, the house of Israel specifically, gathering to fight against the twelve apostles (11:34-36).  But imagining multitudes fighting against the Lamb of God, who is not on the earth, is more difficult.  The conditions for a worldwide protest against Jesus Christ, as directed by the church of the devil, have not been met yet.  How will they fight against Him?  Perhaps they will fight against his teachings, against the idea that he really existed, maybe even against his Church.

It is easy to wonder if we are currently experiencing this event, at least in some degree.  Surely we can say that multitudes are currently fighting against the teachings of Jesus Christ, against his divinity, and against his church.  Perhaps they (we?) gather together ignorantly.  Perhaps in movie theaters and night clubs, they unknowingly participate in the fight against holiness and virtue, against their conscience, the Light of Christ.  Perhaps they are multitudes gathered together online?  Gathered to a particular way of thinking?  Are we part of the fight against the Lamb of God or His teachings in our daily activities?  Do we fight against the whisperings of the Holy Ghost?  If so, let us put down our weapons and follow righteousness.

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