Sunday, July 1, 2012

Murmuring is easy

First Nephi 18:15-16

If I were to ask what words come to mind when you think of Laman and Lemuel, I bet the word "murmur" would be one of the first.  Although their common lot as a family group was to be subjected to similar trials and afflictions throughout their journey, Laman and Lemuel were always quick to murmur.  Even Lehi gave in to murmuring when starvation was on the horizon.  Nephi never gave in.  

Now here is a trial that was given only to Nephi - being tied to a seasick ship for 4 days, rocking back and forth in the terrible storm.  His vivid description of his exceedingly swollen wrists and ankles is painful to even imagine, and the ties probably left permanent scars.  I imagine he would have a difficult time even walking for a period of time.  If anyone had reason to murmur among that group, it was him.  Surely if the roles had been reversed, and it was Laman and Lemuel with the exceeding swelling and soreness, they wouldn't hesitate to murmur.  Nephi exerts incredible mental discipline and not only refrains from murmuring, but does the opposite, and praises God all the day long.  

Murmuring is easy, praising God in our afflictions is difficult, and requires putting things into perspective.  Lets remember verse 16, and apply it to any affliction we feel we are facing.  Let us not murmur because of our afflictions, whatever they may be, but let us look unto our God and praise him all the day long.  

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