Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In a series of escalating events, reactions are revealing

First Nephi 3-4
Event: God commands Lehi's sons to bring the Brass Plates into the wilderness
Laman: Murmur
Nephi: I will go and do
Event: Laman talks with Laban, desires the brass plates, Laban tries to slay Laman
All: Exceedingly sorrowful
Laman: Return to Lehi
Nephi: "As the Lord liveth" will not return until commandment is fulfilled
Event: Attempt to trade riches for plates, Laban sends servants to slay them
Laman: Anger, violence
Event: An angel tells them the Lord will deliver Laban into their hands
Laman: Murmur, doubt
Nephi: Let us be faithful, Let us be strong, Let us go up
Laman: Wroth, Murmur

It is these last reactions that are so revealing. Any average person, even if they had such a violent temper, would be awestruck at the sight and words of an angel from God. Laman and Lemuel must have been so well practiced at staring spiritual experiences in the face and openly denying any effect they could have to soften their spirits. It almost sounds like they were ready to pick up their rods again and continue smiting their brothers as soon as the angel left. These events bring the difference between Nephi and Laman and Lemuel into sharp focus. How are your reactions? When something goes wrong, do you murmur like Laman, or have faith like Nephi? Your reactions to events reveal your faith.

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