Saturday, April 21, 2012

He that diligently seeketh shall find

First Nephi 10:17-22

Nephi nurtured the ability communicate with God, to receive revelations that taught him about his Heavenly Father. We have documented his spiritual growth starting with sincere prayer, the Holy Ghost softening his heart, hearing the Lord speak to him, seeing an angel, and having a real-time conversation with the Holy Ghost. Now he is about to see a vision. All of these events were created by Nephi's incredible faith.

"Fine" you might say, "Good for Nephi. That stuff can't happen to me." To which I ask, why not? Why wouldn't Heavenly Father want to reveal things to you? We receive revelations all the time. Do we recognize them as such? Answers to prayers, impressions from the Holy Ghost, a scripture that seems to be meant just for us, hearing the still small voice of the Spirit in our mind and in our heart; these are all forms of revelation. They are as sacred and serious as Nephi's revelations. The fact that they come to us is evidence of God's existence, and of His love for us. They are an invitation from Him to seek Him out to commune with Him and receive greater revelations. He desires for us to draw nearer to Him.

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