Friday, November 30, 2012

Among All Nations

First Nephi 22:4-5

The current gathering of Israel gains importance as we understand the previous scattering.  Several pieces of information can be gleaned about the gathering from these verses.  

Nephi lived at the time of the scattering, and his father's family played a large role in it.  Understandably, they would be anxious to know the effects of it, and the ultimate fate of their scattered descendants.  These prophecies and teachings about the gathering of Israel are part of why the Book of Mormon is so important for us today.  They lived at the time of the scattering, we live at the time of the gathering.  Their writings are for us.

Note the  number of people who were scattered according to Nephi: "The more part of ALL the tribes have been led away"  Where are these lost tribes?  According to these verses, they are "scattered among all nations".  Thus the gathering must also take place among all nations. 

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