Tuesday, September 18, 2012

More fully persuaded

Nephi makes his intentions clear: he wants those whom he teaches to be more fully persuaded to believe in Christ, whether he teaches them personally, like Laman and Lemuel, or whether he teaches them through his writings, like us, like his posterity, or like the whole house of Israel.  Nephi understood that this persuading was the key to the redemption of his beloved Jerusalem, and it's inhabitants.  He was a witness of their decline and depredation, and through a vision, their destruction and deportation into Babylon.  He knew that they would ultimately reject their Savior and would be hated among all nations.  (First Nephi 19:13-15)  And he knew that in the latter days, they would need to turn their hearts, as do all of us.  He understood that being persuaded to believe in Christ would be the solution to our global problems today, and the global problems of the past that still persist.

First Nephi 6:4

First Nephi 19:18

First Nephi 19:23

 Second Nephi 15:16

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